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Panchaboodhaa Treatment

      The only divine conscious scientific treatment & The only Universal Cosmic Energy pulse Diagnosis Treatment in World

    The final treatment that a man can think is PanchaBoodhaa Treatment. It is invented by my Guru Prof.Dr.G.D.Baabu, M.D., Phd., (Acu). He is an ultimate man who find this treatment by his Power of meditation. He found this treatment by the year 1997& he started running his own clinic to heal the patients for their current problems and to prevent upcoming problems.
     The human structure is generated by the energies.Humans have seven energy centers, called chakras. Each chakra accounts not just for certain physical organs, but also for definite spheres of a human activity and consciousness. From the chakras, Life energy circulates to all areas of the body, charging each of its billions of cells. These currents of energy are called meridians. The meridians are energy currents rather than any particular tubes of vessels that carry life energy. Each cell is continually supplied with energy via the meridians from chakras, which receives energy from the Universe (Cosmic Energy).
Reason for Diseases:
    When the eneregy flow (quantity & rate of flow) is not proper (lower energy or higher energy), it will create problems in our body.
Method of Treatment:

     We diagnose the problem in the energy track through the Pulse and we just touch some points to cure the patient. We wont give medicene, No diet control, no needle and no exercise. 
What we can cure?
     Any kind of problem in the human body (both Physical & Mental problems)

How it differs from Acupressure & Acupuncture?
These methods does not explain the relativity of the representing organs and the pulse pattern. We are the only people who can diagnose the actual problems only with the help of pulse diagnosis.
What Science says:
  • The modern Science says the life energy in terms of Bioelectricity
  • Modern science doing so many research on the working principle
Clinic Address:

Prof. Dr. G.D. Baabu M.D., Phd., (Acu)
Address: A.G. Cosmic Clinic,
#116, 116/1, Raguram Colony,
Second Cross, Gandhi Road,
City: Salem - 636 007,
State: Tamil Nadu,
Country: India
Ph: +919842755945

Author: Dr.Depak Muniraj(depakmuniraj@gmail.com)


  1. We cure Cancer, AIDS, Kidney stones, Diabetics, Malaria, TB, Asthma, Hepatitis, Jaundice, Obesity, Bald head, hair fall, sinus, dandruff, eye sight problems,etc.

  2. Not only physical diseases mental diseases can also be curable.

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  4. hai friend thanks your nice post and how about kidney failure any cure solution please kindly post and detail

  5. hi ,
    well thanks for letting know everyone of this method, when everyone is falling prey to spurious chemicals (medicines).



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